Dance Medicine & Science Guide From the Brazil-United Kingdom DMS Network.


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The inaugural actions of the Brazil-United Kingdom Dance Medicine & Science Network (BRUK NET) emerged through the organization of the symposium “The Potentials and Challenges of Research in Dance Medicine & Science: building innovation collaborations between the United Kingdom and Brazil” held in Goiânia, in 2016.
In this bilingual Portuguese-English book, 23 leading researchers/authors from the BRUK NET write about their experiences in this field. The idea of the book is to share part of their knowledge and to build paths and theoretical, conceptual and methodological constructs around DMS, from where visibility, access and sustainability could develop. The desire for an interinstitutional, interdisciplinary, collective and supportive cooperation has enabled us to create a book of cross-cutting contexts and diverse views.
The demand for DMS services and knowledge is growing. It requires that professionals from different backgrounds; dance, health, education and many others, ethically reflect and debate over the breadth and rigor necessary for the growth and valorization of this field of study.

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